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iPhone addiction and new app

The iphone absorbs the user so much that they feel highly disturbed when they are without it or cannot use it for some reason; may be low battery or having forgotten it somewhere. Till get it they don’t feel easy and relaxed.

There are apps that can help you in preventing you an iphone addict but our discussion is restricted to Apple's iconic smartphone.

‘Moment’ is one application that follows you on your iPhone daily and helps you by sending you a map. The app also informs you about how much time you spend on your iPhone daily. You can set an annoying buzzer to inform you exceed the pre-set daily time. You can set the time to a limit to reduce your time you spend on your iphone and save the time for some other activity.

May be you spend 75 minutes on your phone every day and feeling it too much you can set the limit to a reasonable time as you feel fit and set the annoying alarm to distract you and warn you about how long you used the iphone. May be you would like to spend 40 minutes and save the remaining for other useful activity.

‘Moment’ is free app and offers five pleasant tomes and five very annoying tones to remind you of your set limit.