iPhone holds 41 percent revenue share of mobile market by Q2 2021

2021-07-30 11:55:46

When talking about shipments, we say Samsung mobile is the largest exporter. But perhaps, we should not forget Apple, though standing at third place in terms of selling units, the iPhone is dominating the world for generating revenues from smartphone business. Citing Counterpoint Research, iPhone generated $96 billion revenue by the second quarter of the year - at a time when the world is facing chip supply issues.

The iPhone revenue share is 1% down compared to Q1 2021, while 34% up as compared to Q2 2020. Apple carefully managed the supply chain; thus, iPhone 12 has not been affected by shortages. The supply issue impacts old generation iPhones. The same source said the forthcoming iPhone 13 to remain unaffected by the chip shortage. (Apple iPhone 13 is a successor to iPhone 12, likely to launch sometime in September or October 2021.)

Talking about other brands, Samsung took second place with a 15% mobile revenue share by June quarter. It means Samsung is losing ground, 17% down revenue as compared to the first quarter of 2021. Counterpoint suggested that supply issues would add hurdles to Samsung's way by the next half of the year. So, it's interesting to see that how Samsung would mobile keep up its revenue share.

Unfortunately, Huawei has lost ground but due to the US ban, not only supply issues. The condition continues to worsen gradually. Absence of Huawei benefits Xiaomi. Taking third place, Xiaomi accounted for a 9% revenue share for mobile business in Q2 2021. It means the brand saw a 3% increase because the revenue share was 6% by Q2 2020. Counterpoint suggested that Xiaomi mobile won’t be affected by chip shortages.

Next to the line are two siblings, Oppo and Vivo, ranking fourth and fifth places for accounting mobile revenue share by the 2nd quarter.