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iPhone SE Got 3.4 Million Reservations in China

The iPhone SE launched last week in an Apple event, which is probably well accepted in world’s largest mobile market China. According to CNBC report, the latest 4 inch iPhone grabbed attention of many users and it received 3.4 million reservations.

When we talk about Chinese market, most news outlets call reservations as pre-orders, though reservation system in China is different with anywhere else in the world. The pre-orders are called reservations there is no money exchanges before actual purchase. The pre-orders in other countries is entirely different from China, in west people pay right away when they pre-order anything.

It means that plenty of people can make a reservation for a new smartphone, but it doesn’t assurance that all of them will buy the device at the end. Probably it is number of people who have shown interest in the iPhone SE. The 3.4 million numbers is impressive but still to find out actual sales numbers we have to wait till an official report.

The similar report utters that the most popular color version of the device is gold and second popular color is Rose gold. The iPhone SE 16GB is available for CNY 3,288 ($506) in China. The device will be available for purchase on 31st March.