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iPhones Users Get 30 Day Free Test Drive Of The Galaxy's Handsets On The End Of The Samsung

The Samsung played a trick on the Apple’s iPhones users to steal them away while announcing the new effort as the current owners will be in receipt of a 30 days free test drive from its most modern Galaxy handsets devices. It is being named as the “Final Test Drive”, the Samsung charts the plan to hand its latest Galaxy S6 Edge+ or the Galaxy Note 5 to the iPhone owners in return for a single dollar with no compulsion to buy. The cunning trick is meant to let the Apple’s customers fall to the temptation, the access can be found on the special webpage on the end of the iPhone.

It includes in the 30 days long drive, the activated SIM appended with the voice along with the data plan that is hosted by the users existing carrier, be it the AT&T, the T-Mobile, The Verizon as well as the Sprint. A cable is also being sent to by the Samsung in order to get the streamline file transferred the trial time for the users to switch over to it, or purchase the Galaxy Smartphone, the Samsung’s company states that more affection lies in waiting for you. It is in the ambiguity as to what the company speaks about.

The Tom’s Guide says that all the sharers re bound to send their test drive back along with a kit, free of charge, if the persuasion is made to purchase one of the Samsung’s company Smartphones.

Samsung straggles to lead in the global market as the neck breaking competition ensues like the sales issues that pinch more.