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Large and Slim Apple iPad Plus faces unexpected delay

Apple already shows their intention to make the large screen tablet and to the somehow company already confirmed the existence of this big screen tablet which is called iPad Plus.

Apple is quite busy to finalize the best thing for their upcoming Apple iPad Plus tablet, but unexpectedly the device faces delay one media report revealed the information. The same reports also pointing out the delay reason and they said that the device might be the delay because of the screen superiority. The large screen required time to be fine for delivering the good and bright result to the users. Recently another report claims that Apple says the large display tablet will not go through the production process until September, but before this Apple confirmed that they start massive production of this tablet in this current month.

Previously we already heard about the alleged specs of the tablet. According to the leaked information, the Apple iPad Plus has 12.9 inches display which support 2K resolution and this is the thinnest tablet measures only 7 mm thin and will have 700 grams of weight. It is also predicted that the tablet is energized by 11000mAh  battery, but keep one thing in mind that these are only the rumors and still Apple did not confirmed anything about the device.

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Apple hold the event in 9th March 2015 where they going to launch Apple watch it is also expected that might be in the event Apple give some information about the tablet and might give us the clear hints that what are the actual reason for the delay, but if the revealed information is correct then Apple wait for saying anything about this large screen device before its officially planned properly.