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Large Screen Asus ZenFone will hit the market somewhere in January 2015

 Asus is one of the largest smartphones and tablets manufacturers. Initially this year they launched the handset series based on Android and the series was known as “ZenFone”. All the handsets belong to this series are Android based. Recently Asus expanded the series and added three new handsets with different sizes. The newly added handsets sizes are noted as 4 inches, 5 inches and 6 inches. Many users think the handsets with the 5 inches screen are small and on the contrary 6 inches screen is too large. Asus try to solve the mystery and try to make the handset between both sizes for the user’s convenience. This is the forth model of the ZenFone handsets.


We already revealed the fact that Asus determined to launch their next generation ZenFone in January 2015. According to the resources 5.5 inches version will also be added in the new line. There is one more interesting fact revealed that the Asus prominence to encourage the sale of the new Asus ZenFone series in USA. It is expected that the few models of the upcoming handsets will support the latest LTE technology but all the handsets will come with better design, improved users interface, sufficient memory, powerful camera and enough battery life.

At the start of this year Asus claimed that they will sell more than 5 million ZenFone till the end of this year and according to the rough estimate the company shipped more than 7 million handsets in this year and for the coming year company has plan to sell 16 million smartphones all over the world.

Well Asus set their goal at massive level and hopefully they are trying their level best to achieve the goal and celebrate their success in massive level by satisfying the users and generate the great share from the markets. Wish you good luck Asus.

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