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Leaked Apple iPhone Photo Shows Dual Camera and Smart Connector

Published on Mar 16,2016 By Liam Hems

Only 6 months to go for iPhone 7 and rumors are already circulating around about the device. The leaks and rumors are highlighting many features that next generation of iPhone will have. Till the date we heard that in upcoming flagship the 3.5mm stereo headphone jack will be removed.

As per many reports, Apple is looking to make its device thinner so the company will eliminate headphone jack because lack of audio jack will make the upcoming device slimmer and thinner. The upcoming device iPhone 7 will allow you to connect your headphone via lightening port. We have heard about dual sensor camera as well. A supposed photo of iPhone 7 leaked which exhibits back panel of the device. In above picture you can see two camera sensors, which means there will be an immense change if this rumor will turn to be true.

It is also expected that Apple will amend design of upcoming flagship; the photo shows changes to the antenna strips. You can also see a triple dot Smart Connector close to the lower component of the Smartphone. There is no information on camera section yet, so it is completely unknown whether Apple will improve camera or it will continue with 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera.

If you bear in mind Smart Connector was launched with the iPad pro and it connects to Smart keyboard. The Smart Connector is another connection standard of Apple, which permits power and data to be transferred between two devices. Unluckily, in leaked picture we can’t see if there is a headphone jack at on the bottom of the phone or not. There is still plenty of time in launch of the device so we will update you with new news about the device.

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