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Leaked Information About Microsoft Surface Pro 3 And Surface Mini Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Surface mini Tablet are anticipated to be in the market in a day; say Tuesday with a price of 799$ for Surface Mini Tablet on the lower end and up word for the other device. It is expected to be equipped with Intel i3 processor, 4GB RAM and inbuilt memory 64GB. The expected price of Surface Pro 3 is 1949$ it was powered with Intel i7 processor, 8GB RAM and inbuilt storage is 512GB. There is no mention of MicroSD card slot and extendable memory.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has been improved in its display; with 12 inches screen as compare to 10.6 in Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and is thinner in dimensions then the previous device.

It is worth mentioning here that Surface Mini has 7.5 inches screen having 1080 x 1440, this device is expected to have 4.3 aspect ratio contrary to 16.9 in Microsoft Surface RT and Microsoft Surface Pro and has digital pen support because Microsoft surface mini is suppose to be a messaging device as well. This is expected to be a silver color device. Accessories will also be available.