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Leaked Promo Shows closer Look of HTC ONE M9 Plus Home Button

We already known that HTC has an event on 8th April in Beijing and now the latest promo showed the closer look of HTC ONE M9 Plus Home Button.

In the event the company has a plan to announce HTC ONE M9 Plus which is the phablet version of regular HTC ONE M9 but the handset is still mysterious because of the previous experience. Last year the phablet version of HTC ONE M8 was not announced.

Recently a bunch of promos about HTC ONE M9 Plus was leaked from China and the slogan also appeared with the jingle “More Than One”.

All the three promos give the magnifying look of the handset features. One teaser shows close up of home button which is the consistent part of HTC One M9+ leak. It is predicted that the fingerprint scanner is attached with home button. The other emphasizing part of this Android phone is its screen which might deliver 1440 x 2560 pixels resolution.  The other promo magnifying the two-tone side built in power button like the HTC One M9. It is also expected that the power button in HTC One M9+ is textured and only felt by touch instead of physical button.


However we have enough information about the smartphone with us but still we are not claiming that the information is 100% correct. Many of them are only based on assumption and for authentic information we need to wait until 8 April 2015.