Lenovo Decided to Phase out Motorola Brand

January 9,2016 | by Maq Ahmed @Google+


Lenovo acquired Motorola in back 2014, now the Chinese mobile manufacturer has decided to phase out the Lenovo name from mobiles. The company said that it will protect the Motorola brand name and will make it stronger. Now it seems that priorities of the Chinese company have changed with the passage of time.


Motorola is a leading gadget company which is successfully operating in the technology world from last 85 years.  It has successfully introduced a cable television system, car radios, and it also launched world’s first digital HD TV. Now shocking news is that, Motorola’s parent company Lenovo is phasing out the Motorola brand name and now it will work as a dissection of Lenovo. The company is simply planning to use Moto logo on its flagships. Lenovo retained Motorola Company for an organizational perspective.

Rick Osterloh Chief Operating Officer in Motorola said that “we will slowly phase out the Motorola by focusing on Moto”. Motorola mobile business will come under the Lenovo name. It means that both companies will merge under one brand name. Lenovo has decided that the high-end smartphone will come with Moto logo and mid-range mobiles will use Vibe brand. People will also see future Moto products with blue Lenovo Logo and Motorola’s “M” will still be used on the devices. However, Motorola name will not disappear it will grow as a division of Lenovo.

Both Motorola and Lenovo companies are well known in the world so it won’t take much time for recognition. Well, Moto mobiles will likely come in the market by the end of the year. Budget Vibe mobiles will also be introduced in western countries.  It could be sad news for Motorola fans because the company name has been around since 1928. It has been solely smartphone manufacturer in the America for a while as well.

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