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Lenovo Z6 Pro to launch with Hyper Video on March 27, 5G support will be added in June 2019

Published on Mar 25,2019 By Sajid Ayaz Last Updated on 25-03-19 11:21:52

“Lenovo Z6 Pro is coming” we had heard this by many times after the release of world’s first 12GB RAM and SD855 powered smartphone, the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT, and it’s affordable version Z5 Pro. But now the Company’s Vice President announced the Lenovo Z6 Pro will be unveiled on March 27 for those can’t wait for new species or new experience.

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Aside from revealing the launch date, Lenovo Group officially told the Z6 Pro will bring support for Hyper Video, which is reported to be the most highlighted feature of upcoming 5G smartphones. The Hyper Video has not defined, but we suggest it to be a sort of new camera recording technology that will be shared at advanced 5G bands than current videos format.

Lenovo is connecting with China Unicom to introduce a 5G-capable Lenovo Z6 Pro in China next month (June). This month’s Z6 Pro LTE version may also add 5G connectivity later.

What we can expect from Lenovo Z6 Pro? It will be a Sliding Camera phone alike Z5 Pro, and there you come to see a larger display with a dual selfie and triple photography cams, further a huge 10GB RAM, powerful Snapdragon SoC, and a longer life 4,000 mAh Battery.

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