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Lettuce another smartphone OnePlusTwo is in the process

OnePlus One is the new manufacturer of smartphones. It is really hard to believe that manufactures reach toward the success in a very short time. Presently OnePlus One is busy to make something, what was that? This is the question comes in mind first. We find the answer after the research. The manufacturer is busy to make the successor of their first smartphone. The handset has a name “OnePlus Two” and the code name of the handset is “Lettuce”. Company suggests this code name because the predecessor has a code name “Bacon”.

We are still unable to get any other information regarding the features of the handset and the release date. Though the certain things are unclear, but we can assume after the predecessor, the company launches this new handset with high end features with the good combination of hardware and software. There is another assumption that the new handset has a price under $300 for the unlocked version. Hopefully the company will sale  the handset without any invite system.

Previous week Company confirmed that the ‘One’ would be ready to receive the Android 5.0 “Lollipop” updates in couple of months. After new version of operating system is launch by the Google. It is expected that the new upcoming handset comes with all new flavors of Android L, but we will not say anything as our confirm words before time. So we have to wait until the officials confirm the specs of the handset.