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LG’s New Variant Model Number H815PX Appeared In FCC With Wireless Charging

Yesterday a new version of LG phone with model number H815PX visited FCC which seems the new version of LG V10.


The device number seems fishy because LG used model number H815PX for South America and South Africa they use H815P. it is still not clear that why company used 815 code because the US versions of smartphones used number H810 and H811 which belongs to the AT&T and T-Mobile and the sprint and Verizon model used LS and VS.


One thought is that this is the new version of LG G4 because the original G4 had not  wireless charging feature and the recently presented documents show the wireless charging option so it is safe to assume that this is the G4 version comes with wireless charging.


This is not the new phone and did not relate to the G5 because the model number is closer to the original G4s phone which was released in April this year and the second option goes with LG V10 launched recently. Well at this we just have to wait for the next updates from the company.