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LG and Japanese Carrier KDDI produce Isai FL G3

LG Isai FL is joint product of LG and Japanese carrier KDDI that will be launched under the name LG G3 with almost same specs of G2.

G3 is supposed to be the first phone with Quad HD Display to be produced by LG. The 5.5" panel sports 1440x2560 pixels of resolution, and crosses the 500 pixel per inch barrier with 538ppi pixel density. This is "an ultra-slim panel with a mere 1.2 mm thickness and has a 1.15 mm bezel, which will be the narrowest available." It also "meets the 100 percent RGB (Red, Green and Blue) color reproduction standard," and has managed to achieve the same brightness level as a 1080p panel, despite stuffing 3.7 million pixels on an area with a 5.5" diagonal. Moreover, since the screen utilizes an LTPS backplane, its power consumption should be commensurate with what we are seeing from current 1080p panels, too.

 LG isai FL has many other good features; edgeless design, with extremely narrow bezels from three sides, left, right and top, which makes the 5.5" display is ideal.  No information about the processor is reliably available, since the phone supports LTE-A speed of up to 150Mbps, it should be the Snapdragon 80X family.

lg_isai_largeThe LG isai FL sports a 13 MP camera on the back, 32 GB of internal storage plus a microSD slot, and has a 3000 mAh battery pack to keep the lights on. The exact specs can only be confirmed when they are announced officially, most probably on May 27th. The device waterproof and dust proof.