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LG announced a tough 5.3 inches display with minimum bezel

LG Display is certainly a marvelous thing that appeared in 2013 in 5.5 inches Quad HD panel. It was considered to be the perfect at that time and it put a concept in to physical shape. We believed it was the final shape. It is a year past now and Quad HD is a common place spectacle. It is seen now in G3 which has grabbed more customers not because of this feature of high resolution display but due to some other features.    


LG has displayed LG G3 with a great pride saying that they have produced a handset with the thinnest side bezel and created a new screen to phone size ratio record. They say it is the thinnest side bezel ever present in any device.

You must be wondering how LG could manage this arrangement. It is not the secret now and well known trick of the trade. They used Neo Edge technology and used an adhesive instead of double-sided tape to attach and completely seal the total area and edges of the panel’s circuit board and backlight unit. There is no other thing used like guide panel to attach the panel and backlight. With this arrangement they have blocked light leakage and ensure water and dust proofing.

They have also used another technology that is advanced in cell touch on this 5.3" 1080p display that allows making the panel even thinner. It keeps the touch sensitivity of the screen intact and is integrated firmly with the screen. It is believed this minimum bezel screen handset will be in the market around next month.

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