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LG Exposed a Small and Precise Bio-metric Sensor for in its Next Smartwatches and Phones

Recently, LG Innotek research division of the company reported that it has developed an unbelievably thin optical bio sensor which is prepared to go into smartwatches and smartphones. LG G5 also has some attention-grabbing sensor on the back side. But it basically could be laser and infrared autofocus mechanism.


The little just 0.04inches (1 mm) thin, but the unit contains a 5 LEDs, a photo diode(PD), and an integrated circuit(IC), which allows to measure oxygen saturation levels, heart rate and stress indices. In spite of all this the visual sensor has lower power consumption and higher measuring accuracy than obtainable comparable products. It gives the way for thinner watches and phones with planetary biometry.


LG Innotek praised embedded PCB technology because it will help to make the device thinner and slimmer, incorporating all circuits’ right into the PCBs. The company’s research division said that for better luminance efficiency, we have gold-plated insides, accordingly the the biometric signals are improved by 30%. It allows you to throw less power in reading them.


When compared to current solutions, on the whole power competence has been improved by 20%. The enhanced precision means that the unit will measure your heart rate with and ±2 bpm when stationary and just ±5 bpm deviation when in motion. That is of the same kind to group devoted heart rate supervise.

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