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LG G Watch code name Dory leaked before Google IO

Google I/O, stand for “input” “output” and also means "Innovation in the Open". This Google IO is annual developer-focused event hosted by Google where in in-depth sessions and highly technical matters relating building web, mobile, and enterprise applications are brought under discussion among the developers.

On this occasion LG is ready to announce its wearable smartwatch which is ready to come in the market soon. LG is determined to launch the smart watch before Apple’s Cupertino-based tech giant and there seems to be a very hard race between the two.  The much talked about LG G Watch is going to be released on this occasion. LG has already issued pictures with a rear glimpse of intelligent watch, about which many details are still not known.

 According to a new Google report, the LG G Watch has codenamed "Dory", is powered with quad-core 787MHz processor with Snapdragon 400 chipset paired with Adreno 305 GPU and 512MB of RAM.

The mapping software includes compass, time and Google maps “Micro” which is known as mapping software’s lighter version. On the surface online interface wallpapers are set also, it is expected that LG G watch is coming in Gold, Black and white colors; these are expected variations which are expected in launching LG G Watch.

It is suggested by experts and previously technical report published according to them it will be launched in July, Idea and expected price which is estimated guess is price around 300$ which costs approximately 18,000INR. Further additional one thing it will be running Android Wear which is software based application designed and made for the wearable devices.


Possible expected rumors predict that it will be dust and water proof and resistant how it is made and designed. And initially the few models of this wearable device will struggle for its good position in market as in past the Motorola MOTO 360 AND Samsung Gear 2 devices have done.

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