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LG G Watch promo site or a posh fashion magazine

Woman is indispensible in every field of life; may it be selling the smartwatch by the LG. sure their smartwatch is wonderful invention but probably it is not visible unless a sexy model on the beach does not wear it and the picture makes it more noticeable than the features it carries in itself. But thanks to LG they are presenting something more than a smartwatch; it is the sexy girl that would attract the young lot and they would be influenced to buy the watch because she is wearing it. Well if the girls is wearing it on the sea beach may mean the smart watch is water proof and dust resistant.

Well here is another add on the LG smartwatch promo site; beautiful model is running and is show in all her graces and asset but more important is the smartwatch she is wearing.  LG must be knowing better the answer to the question; who is adorning whom? Whether the girl is adding value to watch or the smartwatch is gracing the girl who is incomplete without a smartwatch by LG? but let us not get into useless discussion, rather be thankful to LG to let us see some beauty in form of beautiful models.

Well if the LG wishes to make it fashion magazine what objection can we have. Their smatwatch, the LG G Watch is definitely excellent and the models are even more excellent. The LG G Watch befits their life style and that is why they are wearing it. I think you would be also tempted to follow this life style.