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LG G Watch R With Android Operating System launched internationally

LG has announced today on Friday that LG G Watch R with Android wear smartwatch has been launched and shipped to all retailers for sale across Europe and it is available know in the UK, France, Italy and Spain initially. Later in November it will be made available in North America, Asia and Commonwealth of Independents States (CIS).


 The South Korea is proud of electronic giant, LG and this giant has announced that G Watch R will be available on Google Play also in the near future not very far off. It will be made available to selected markets through this source.

LG G Watch R was officially announced with Samsung Gear S at IFA 2014. LG did not announced or declare any price for this device. According to the European assessment it is a very expensive Android wearable smartwatch for Europe the price was fixed EUR 299.

LG G Watch R has a round screen in diameter of 1.3 inches and made of plastic OLED, P-OLED. This specimen of technology has been seen for the first time in LG’s G Flex smartphone. The display has 360 x 360 pixels resolutions. It is different from Moto 360 and utilizes the entire screen area which Moto 360 has not done.

It is an Android wearable device and is powered with a 1.2Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor accompanied by 512MB RAM. It is at par with Gear S in respect of integral memory. Both have 4 GB on board pre installed storage capacity. LG G Watch R is energized with a 410 mAh battery which keeps the system running providing the necessary energy to the device. This small little wonder of technology is so well packed that it cannot receive any harm if it remains submerged for quite some time it is IP6 certified and can stay under water for 30 minutes at the depth of 1 meter. It will remain unhurt. It provides only accidental protection and does not mean you keep wearing it while swimming in the sea for long hours.

It is featured with voice recognition notifications and can notify you about miscalls, upcoming meeting and local weather forecast.


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