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LG G3 And LG G watch Are Going To Be Launched Soon

It was in the press conference held in London and New York that broke the news of LG G3 and LG G Watch to b e launched on May 27th.

It is similar as in case of Samsung Galaxy latter K is highlighted, now Letter G is being emphasized by LG. It is further anticipated that there may be other devices along with LG G3 that will be released simultaneously. It has further been reported that this pioneer smartwatch by LG will run Android and will be frequently available in the market.

There is another rumor with lot of assurance that G watch will be in the market in June and will cost 199USD. However this timing is contemplated in view of the current events. LG G3 is going to have 5.5 inch quad HD display having 2560 x 1440 resolutions.

If you don’t like the conventional black and white this is going to appear in Gold as well.