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LG G3 Verizon Version Confirmed Officially Appear With Verizon Logo

LG is busy in the launching of their new flagship G3 and users are keenly waiting to welcome the new handset from LG and the wait is going to be over. There is no secrecy about this new flagship features in details is on the surface. We already give the information about the LG G3 spec & release date to the users in our previous news.

LG is following the marketing pattern of HTC in marketing campaign for LG G3 by letting out bit by bit information and keeping the customers interest alive. LG has been issuing promotional videos to keep the potential users trailing this handset.

Verizon customers who want to buy the LG G3 have good news the handset available soon on the official outlet of Verizon and consumers can directly buy from the official outlet.

Verizon is the expert to handle the brands and the marketing promotions of the companies and users have a good experience with version of the other brands as well like Samsung Galaxy Note II and LG G2.  When the subscribers get their LG G3 handset shall find Verizon branding mark on front and back of the handset.


Verizon would like the customers to use this handset extensively rather than just owning it and putting it away somewhere.