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LG G4 will give tough competition to Galaxy S6

Two big Android based smartphones are coming in 2015 which are major flagships from respective companies and the users are waiting for these big champions. The two competitors in the field will be LG G4 and facing it will be Galaxy S6. The companies are seriously putting in their best in the production of these smartphones to win over the other and capture the market. Users are particularly focusing on LG G4 because of the performance of the previous handsets and nonetheless the Galaxy S6 fans are giving their moral support to their favorite.


LG G4 is coming with improved display as compare to LG G3 and with reduced bezel around the screen and maybe in the later handsets the bezel is completely eliminated. The new device will have 4K SUPER AMOLED screen with less resolutions but not deteriorating in picture quality.

Although there is no hint about the price of the LG G4 still rumors suggest it would be around $650 and we can guess the company is going to compete other smartphones particularly Samsung Android devices. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to cost $700 or more. The LG G4 is less in price but less in performance to effectively compete Galaxy S6.

So far LG has had average battery for its devices but now the more powerful battery is the main focus of the company and is trying to develop a more powerful battery to give longer life to the smartphone for uninterrupted use for long time.

With the new improvements LG G4 is going to be a popular handset among the users and may bring good business to the company.