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LG has a plan to sell more than 9 million pieces of LG G4 this year

LG is a giant and first we expect to welcome the flagship of the year 2015 called LG G4 in MWC, but for avoiding the clash with others company back and announce the handset will be announce officially soon in April.

At the time of MWC 2015 company was show their intention regarding the release of LG G4 and for clearing the doubts of the users’ they let them know that company want to make the more perfect handset and for this reason they hold the handset for couple of weeks for given the more minute finishing to the smartphone in every aspect. Now the official gives the further details about their future plan and says that the company has a plan to sale more than 9 million LG G4 smartphone pieces which will release in the end of April or the beginning of May.

Korean times published the correspondence of LG official and according the published report the company official said; ““LG Electronics aims to achieve the 10 million sales target of the G4 smartphone, which will be unveiled next month. Specifications of the G4 and changes we’ve made had been briefed to top outlet channels and European carriers during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) fair. Initial response was good enough.”

Leaked image of LG G4

There is no doubt that the upcoming handset is packed with the powerful specs and the company already starts promoting the LG G4 in the main markets like; Europe, US and Korea. The exact release date of the handset is still under the hood but according to the revolved information the handset has fingerprint scanner which might be placed at the back and comes with 3K display resolution. Well still they all are the rumors until it will take the official place.