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LG is working on a Fingerprint Scanner seats under the Handset Display

Published on May 2,2016 By Sajid Ayaz

Apple is a pioneer in introducing fingerprint scanner feature; the feature came in iPhone 5s. After that several mobile makers introduced fingerprint sensor on their smartphones.  Now LG is working on a unique fingerprint scanner that lay under the display of the smartphone.

It means that when you will place your finger on the cover glass of the display, fingerprint sensor which is under the glass component would mechanically recognize your fingerprint. Jongseok Park, LG Innotek CEO announced that the under glass fingerprint sensor unit will eradicate devoted pads, buttons or other essentials for fingerprint gratitude. It will also help in making the smartphone more water resistant by reducing the number of aperture.

The move can also result in thinner smartphones in future. The LG Innotek states that it has reduced 0.01-inch (0.3mm) slot on the back of the cover display glass and also installed a fingerprint sensor in it with highest accuracy and amalgamation technology. It is also declared that the fingerprint sensor module has a (FAR) of 0.002 percent acceptance rate which is false.

The company also inserts devotion side of both the fingerprint scanner and glass which is 0.0098-inch (0.25mm) wide and can oppose the crash of a 130 gram steel ball dropped from 7.9-inch.

Head of Research and Development Centre LG Changhwan Kim said that for the development of the differentiated technology we are focusing on all our resources which are based on formation of customer values. By launching innovative products we will continue to provide safe, convenient and pleasant user experience.

The company hasn’t revealed that when exactly we will see the technology in smartphones or on other devices. But we expect that we can see it soon as firm’s spoke person says to The Korea Times, We are negotiating with some smartphone manufacturers to commercialize the new units within the year”. So we have to wait till the comapny launched something unique and innovative. 

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