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LG Isai FL Reveal Again But The Color In Pink For The Ladies

At the point when the LG Isai FL for Japanese telecom KDDI released not long ago, we were amped up for the signs it may offer about what LG may have in store for us with the successor to the very adulated LG G2 and perhaps what the Nexus 6 may display.

The Isai line has been an elite on KDDI's remote transporter, au, otherwise called "au by KDDI," since it was presented a year ago. These new pictures, of a LG gadget, likewise model number Lgl24, are marked for au like some time recently.

The configuration dialect is the same as what we saw too, with the exception of this time, we have a few particulars to oblige the gadget, and they don't disillusion, however they presumably won't astound you. Underneath that splendid pink body is a quad-center Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU timed at 2.5ghz. The screen measures 5.5-inches and is a LCD. There is 2gb of RAM joined by 32gb of microsd expandable stockpiling.

The battery is 3,000mah and commonly Android 4.4 Kitkat is ready for. The Isai is additionally water safe with an Ipx7 rating, implying that the gadget will be handy for drenching in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. The "x" essentially implies that the dust-verification certificate is still to be dead set or simply not known, however given the 7 rating for water, it is not outside the alloted boundaries to think molecule assurance will rate a 5 or 6, 5 being "dust secured," 6 being "tidy tight."

LG Isai FL

Concerning whatever is left of the gadget, the volume catches are the place we recollect from the G2, the force/lock catch has come back to the side, gratefully without harming the delightfully thin bezels, and there is a speaker along the bottom. The thing by the volume rocker is still a puzzle, however gossipy tidbits we are perusing show either an unique mark sensor or pulse screen, recollect however, that is a conjecture pulled from the hip. It is possible that path, between these pictures, the specs, and some other implied pictures of the LG G3, we are anticipating seeing it up close.  Last year's Isai imparted very much alike determinations to the LG G2, so it is not a stretch to conquer any hindrance.

In the event that these specs hold up, alongside the various bits of gossip we have accumulate about the LG G3, it is going to make a huge sprinkle when it gets formally affirmed this middle of the year.