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LG launching G5 as competitor of Galaxy S6 Edge

The images of LG G5 have been seen on the media and it gives an impression that LG has produced a rival for Galaxy S6 Edge.

 The rumors are on full swinging on this account. It is well designed and is perfectly in competition with iPad Pro and Galaxy Note 5 the upcoming tablets and this LG G5, a curved screen handset is the perfect production of LG. it has a very suitable minimal front look and the power controls perfectly placed in the rectangle shape in metal frame. Though the design of LG G5 is seems perfect but still we can not say anything confirmed because the images are still the conceptual images. It is also expected that the LG G5 is only 6.4mm thick.

LG-G5 conceptual image

In designed it follows the line of LG G series and it seems with slight variations to be a new thing. There is no information available about the other hardware configuration but according to the prototype images the upcoming LG G5 gives the marvelous impression. For the final smartphone we need to wait for the official confirmation.