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LG placed finger print scanner at the back of LG G4

LG lovers are keenly waiting to welcome LG’s new flagship LG G4 which was heard to be in MWC but for avoiding the clash of other giants and for refining the LG G4 the company would not appear in MWC and they said later in the month of April they will launch the handset.

LG users was missed the fingerprint scanner in LG L3 which was the last year flagship of the company and the fingerprint scanner trend is currently in action and other giants like Samsung and Apple already facilitate their users with this advance technology. Now the technology and innovation knocking the LG door and the company said; ““LG Electronics has recently decided to deploy a fingerprint sensor on its next flagship smartphone and the scanner will be placed at the back of the device,” tips the source, as the company "has been left behind in the race for fintech (portmanteau of finance and technology) as it has continued to postpone the adoption of fingerprint technology.”


LG placed extra Knock Code layer of security improvement in LG G3, but for beating the competitors like Apple and Samsung this is not sufficient but the innovation and placement the fingerprint scanner key on the back side of the handset will allow the company to accomplished the good enough screen to phone ratio density and gives the well balanced result with security to the users.