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LG releasing LG G4 in April with hopes of success

It has been reported by some Korean media that LG is planning seriously and working very hard to launch its next flagship smartphone, the LG G4 somewhere in the last week of April. LG has thoughtfully planned it so in order to meet the competition from its arch-rival Samsung's products when two high-end products Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6. The time gap between the LG release of  the LG G4 and Galaxy products is only 2 weeks when LG will launch its flagship globally.

So far the early news inform us, the LG G4 will have slightly less than 5.5-inch display with 1440x2560 resolutions and the handset is said to be slightly curved for a natural grip in the hand. The photos so far leaked also tell us that the rear panel has been modified with a rugged texture for a firm grip. The power button has been given a new shape; it was round and now it is oval and there is some change in design of the volume keys also.


Users may be thinking of some new design like mixture of metal and plastic but it is not so. The handset is going to be in plastic completely and gives close resemblance to the LG G3. However restricting the make in plastic alone has been cost effective and made it an economical high end device.

The Galaxy S6 devices, the HTC One M9, and the upcoming Sony Xperia Z4 are more expensive smartphones because of complicated production process.