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LG's New Odin-powered phone joining the G3 family

The rumors about LG's in-house chipset have been up in the air for the past two years that a chipset codenamed Odin is in the process of making. This chipset has been many times delayed for technical reasons. The Odin Smartphone got the obstructions from getting into the market for its overheating issues and some problems in the manufacturing. The rumors now say that the handset is ready because the issues have been resolved and the device can be announced anytime.


Depending upon the truth in the rumors, and if they are based on some reality, the Odin-running Smartphone would be visible in the market right in this week. The Odin-powered phone would be in the series of the LG G3 and it a test run will be there for the proprietary chipset. It seems that being careful, LG isn't going to promote the Odin on their flagship device unless its real worth is tested and established.

 It is believed that the Odin chipset features a big LITTLE configuration for the processor with four Cortex-A15 and four Cortex-A7 cores. No doubt it is a powerful combination; however it has to withdraw in favor of the 64-bit ARM cores working already on the Exynos 7 Octa and a few Snapdragon chipsets. LG is going to give us a surprise in case of GPU - it could either be ARM's Mali-T604 for the quad-core variant and the Mali-T760 for the Octa-core CPU or even a PowerVR Series 6.

About Just three weeks ago we saw an LG Liger (F490L) device make it through the Bluetooth certification authority and it is highly possible this is indeed the upcoming Odin-powered Smartphone.

Now we should be ready to hear the announcement any time about this upcoming Odin-powered Smartphone. The only thing we need to confirm is whether the device is going to be confined to South Korea or would be available in other countries also.

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