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LG Smartphone AKA Eggy, Wooky, Soul and YoYo With Available in $455

It is matter of giving motions to an electronic device though it may sounds strange. The new model of LG Aka can really express its emotions or at least give you a feel of it by popping out its eyes from the case when it hears that you called it by saying “aw-kuh”. It is strange that you called the device and it response by looking at you.


There are four colors are this smart phone Aka and we can say there are four of such devices. Each one has its name and its own characteristics Eggy is yellow and you very soon get attached to it whereas Wooky is white in color and not as polite as Eggy. Yo YO is pink in color and bit heavier as the name implies to some food and gives us a feel that YoYo has some diet problem. Soul, looking mysterious is black in color and gives out music when you call it. Each one of them  has some back ground story attached with it.

The handset Aka is a mid range device in the LG G family. It has 5 inches large display with 720 pixels resolution and runs Android operating system and has 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor working with 1.5 GB of RAM along with 16 GB on board memory which can be extendable externally and also has 8 mega pixel rear camera with laser-assisted focus and has 2 mega pixel front facing camera for selfies. The handset is powered with 2610 mAh battery.

All the notifications are shown and intimated to users by the Aka’s eyes looking at you and the handset eyes get woozy, when you shake the smartphone the eyes go down and the change in eye colors shows the different moods for example red to green showing anger to pleasant feelings.

Presently it is available only in South Korea which is the home land of LG and we do not know whether it would become international or not. In its own home land it cost $455.