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LG suggested the new brand names for the G3 series

Before days we let the users know that the LG is busy to complete the G3 series with the new compact and mini variants of the elder one and 2 days before LG reveal the G3 mini in China with the name of LG G3 Beat. LG officials seriously think over the name because they want to use the name as a brand and they have a plan to dedicate the complete series with this name. After the G3 Beat the company has a plan to introduce the new handset with the name G3 Vigor, G3 Lite and G3 Vista but the handset is likely to be released only in USA.

G3 Lite is the alternate name of mini G3, G3 Vista pointing out the Verizon and Verizon recently confirmed the existence of handset, but still we are unable to say anything LG G3 Virgo because no words we have form the company.

LG still did not confirm the existence of mini G3, but it is expected that we will see the handset in the market soon. In the mean time, the original LG G3 with 5.5-inch display is now announced all over the world, and the handset will be available in the USA in the first week of July. All major USA mobile carriers offer the handset.