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LG unable to hold the secrecy for their phones, They Might Be LG G3 & LG G Pro 2 Lite

We already have lots of  smart phones in the queue from LG and we expected to see them one by one but fortunately we get the  information from our resources and the information is surprising. We have a confirmed  news that LG have another Smartphone named LG B2 for release.

This phone has a model no LG –D851 and LG- VS985, it confirms that these hand sets are a new version of Verizon previously launched version.

  The  device named B2 have  features like standard 5.5 inches screen that supports the 1440 x 2560 high density display and it also supports a rear camera which is 13 mega pixel reported. 
According to the resource that LG have a great expectation from this smart phone who are the new version of previously launched LG’s smart phones. They expect that this could be the one of the most likely handset for the users.