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LG unveils Android Power G Pad 7.0, G Pad 8.0 & G Pad 10.1 Slates

LG is famous for consumer oriented electronic products but equally efficient producer of communication devices including mobile phones smartphones, tablets and computers. Keeping a steady pace LG has now released three G Pad series slates in difference sizes.

One senior official of LG has expressed his ideas based on study of the market and said that people desire to have wider range of products with variable sizes, bigger screens and easily portable.

Smartphones are smaller in size and easy to carry in hand, but tablets are different in size and do not easily come in grip of one hand, therefore, LG has envisaged  to design G Pad series as there is a class of customers who demand batter multimedia experience and convenience in portability. Many things have been kept in mind while designing G Pad series.

 G Pad series slates have 3 different versions and sizes; 7.0-inch, 8.0-inch and 10.1-inch display. They run software like UI QPair and KnockCode. There is a unique feature for locking or unlocking the screen. A knock anywhere on the screen switches on or off the screen, and it can be set from 2 to 8 tabs. Surprisingly it can distinguish 86000 or more combinations.Lg-logo-650

 The Knock Code is unique, convenient and safe. A password is a conventional way of unlocking devices, and this Knock Code eliminates the chances of password theft. It is bio recognition system and reads the unique bio matrix.

Some details have been held back by the company, for example, they have not described the complete specifications nor have they declared the date of its availability. It is general hearsay that the product will be launched globally somewhere in this week at Monaco where it technology trade fair named MedPI 2014 is likely to be held from 13th to 16th May.