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LG V34 Japan Exclusive Waterproof Variant of LG V20

LG announces Japan based version of LG V20, the smartphone is a mini version of the standard model and it will exclusively available in Au Japan only. The smartphone is quite better than the LG V20 because the latest version comes with water resistant.

The smartphone is named as LG V34 isai Beat; it has every feature and specifications that make the smartphone unique. It also has two displays one is standard and the other one is Always On Screen. Obviously the LG V34 is mini version of LG v20 so it packs a 5.2 inch display rather than 5.7 inch panel.

The LG V34 isai Beat is powered by Snapdragon 820, has 32GB native storage, and 4GB of RAM. The battery size is also reduced so a 3000 mAh battery wakes the smartphone up. Despite the smaller size the phone has managed to offer a large battery as compared to other Android phones.

It has Dual rear cameras one optics is 16 MP and the second one is 8 MP. Both cameras feature OIS, laser autofocus, and LED Flash. The selfie camera is 5 MP with f/1.9 feature. It supports fingerprint scanner, quad-DAC setup, and B&O branding as well.

The LG V34 isai Beat offers all connectivity options regular LTE, VoLTE and Japan specific options such as WiMAX 2+. Mobile TV is handled by 1seg and ISDB-T. The smartphone will be available in Gold, and Titanium color options. Only Japan will get the LG v34 version. Regrettably, there is no official information regarding the smartphone price.