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LG will release LG G4 Note on 10th October

We already know about the official event of LG which will be held on 10th October where the compnay has the plan to accounce their new smartphone and the latest rumors suggested that the new flagship is called “LG G4 Note” a larger version of LG G4.

The smartphone has yet to com ein the market and it is confirmed by the presedent and CEO of LG it's launching before the end of this year. Though it is not a very clear estatement and omits some details like date of launching and name of the device etc. However, other sources reaffirm the missing details like it would be LG G4 Note and would be released on 10th October.

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Some what official source of Chinese media, TENAA has also given hints about this new Android Phone. The images uploaded on the internet have been examined carefully by the critics and found the stylus missing, but it is the only matter of judjuing it from the picture and stylus maybe placed in it. The other version of the rumors is that the images do not belong to LG G4 Note.   

The LG offers to the users a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor placed inside this new handset. Forth safety side, LG uses this chipset to avoid the overheating issue. It is also expected that the LG G4 Note will come with the plastic body. There is no other information revealed yet and for knowing more we need to wait a little more.