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LG Wine Smartphone will continue the Trend of LG

In the past LG released the handset series known as “Wine Handsets”. Now the company wants to continue the trend. Now days LG busy for preparing the things for the official announcements of the handset which may be called “Wine Smart”. As we told you this is one of the older handset by the company so according to that trend this is the flip phone. However the flip phone trend is over. Korean social media strongly promote the handset, and many guesses afloat. One Korean website Herald predicts that the handset is companies very fast Wine handset. The device name suggest on the base of speculations.



Recently LG is hosting a great deal of Wine Smart in South Korea and at the same time revel the baffling images of the handset. In the images clearly show the clamshell of the handset with keyboard, but still we can not say anything confirm yet.

LG is not alone who launch the clamshell smartphone. Samsung is one of the biggest LG rivals and already revealed the clamshell handset known as “Golden Galaxy”. The smartphone has two 3. Inches screens and has been available since last year. It is expected that the LG upcoming handset also runs the Android operating system.

It is strongly expected that the LG reveal the handset before October but still the specifications of the handset and price is under cover. We will let the users know when we have this information with us. Till then stay tuned.

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