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List of HTC Phones which will taste the Android Marshmallow sweetness soon

Google is one of the biggest platforms for developers and smartphone makers and after revealing the updated version of Android Operating system the company introduced their two new Nexus devices which they made with the help of LG and Huawei and the handsets are the live example of updated Android operating system named “Marshmallow”.

The company also provides the chance to the Android Phone makers to reveal their future plan for updating their handsets with new Marshmallow and HTC give the swing and gain the opportunity of confirming the handsets which will soon receive the latest Marshmallow updates.

HTC Phones

HTC executive provide the list of HTC phones which will get the Marshmallow roll out in near future. As per confirmation HTC One M9 and HTC One M8 will receive the Marshmallow updates before the end this year and some handsets of HTC will be updated in early 2016. There is one more probability present that in most of the regions carriers will not offer the complete update at once and users will update their Android Phones in several parts, in that case, the mobile carrier might deliver the updates with some delay.

List Of HTC SMARTPHONES will be updated with Marshmallow soon

 HTC One M9 Plus                          HTC One M8 Eye

HTC One E9 Plus                            HTC Butterfly 3

HTC One E9                                   HTC Desire 826

HTC One Me                                  HTC Desire 820

HTC One E8                                    HTC Desire 816


All of the stated above handsets will be updated in 2016. The Marshmallow updates are depending upon the network provides but in 2016 these handsets will surely taste the sweetness of Marshmallow.