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Lumia 330 concepts tells how Nokia X with Windows Phone Looks Like

In the start of this month Microsoft announced that they transfer some concept of Nokia X in Windows Phones devices and they had a plan to cancel the Asha series of Nokia. This announcement clearly gave the hit that Microsoft and Nokia both wanted to enhance the production of Windows Phone and they concentrated completely to develop the Windows Phone.

Nokia X is the low range handset and Nokia just have a purpose to raising the sale and take the idea from the markets what users love to do for achieving this goal. Mobile Developers made the Lumia 330 concept and observed how the Windows Phone based Nokia looks. The concept is cool for the low end devices, and does not follow the old tradition of Nokia which was followed since years.

Lumia 330 has 3 inches display having 500 x 240 pixels resolution. However, this is the low resolution, but enough for the small device like Lumia with on screen keys. The handset is available in plenty of colors including Red, Black and Cyan. In comparison of Lumia 330 Apple iPhone 5s has a large display.

Well let us see what the new concept brings for Nokia in future and what Nokia brings for the Users in future.