Mahathir Says: Malaysia will use Huawei technology as much as possible

May-30-2019 May-30-2019 4116

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad says on Thursday his country will try its best to use Huawei technology "as much as possible". While others are hesitant from working with the Chinese techno power. Speaking at a conference, Mahathir Mohammad acknowledged the security concerns but said they wouldn’t discourage Malaysia. On the other hand, he added that yes, there may be some spying. But what is there to spy exactly in Malaysia? We are an open book and everybody knows in this way, Mahathir admitted actually there might be some intelligence threat from Chinese giant Huawei.

As many countries have block listed Huawei from the operation of their mobile networks and corporations have turned away from the Huawei Company after the US ban, quoting legal requirements. But 93-years-old Malaysian Prime Minister said we try to make use of their technology as much as possible. U.S. and China accused each other of unfair trade practices. Mahathir also said during the answer to a question that the United States and all over the West should admit the fact that Asian countries are producing competitive goods now, and shouldn’t bully trade competitors. He admitted in the conference: "Yes, I understand Huawei has tremendous advance(s) over American technology even".

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