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March 21st Event: Apple will release new 4 inch iPhone 5SE

Published on Mar 12,2016 By Liam Hems

Are you ready for 4 Inch iPhone 5SE? Because new iPhone will probably be launching soon. Apple has always been the brand leader, introducing innovations time to time. Apple has momentous degree of marketplace shares that can be barely impacted. Apple always paid attention of user interface, software development, and OS (Operating System). That is noticeable reason, Apple has got a biggest App Store where any app can be easily accessible to all Apple smartphone Users.

Recently, Apple has declared to organize an event that can be memorable as well as can shake the smartphones market. The rumors said whether it be new iPhone 7 or iPhone 5SE. As, Samsung has just launched new Galaxy S7 & S7 edge. Will a new iPhone be giving tough competition to Samsung’s Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge?

Smartphone Market analysts are analyzing that new iPhone will certainly give a hard competition to Samsung’s new Galaxy and other smartphones. Apple now also has a strong market hold in USA, China, and Europe and Indian Market, etc. This new iPhone will blow out market. Apple, as we know, yesteryear launched iPhone 6S, that was simply awesome; that came with different sizes. Now the rumors are going to be true? This can be revealed on March 21. Yes, Apple announced to organize an event on March 21. This is going to be a bigger event. Apple invited whole American Media and offered to “let’s loop you in”, instantly after the release of Samsung’s New Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge.

Apple has always been a software directing Smartphone makers. It is expecting that Apple is going to launch a smartphone that can hold the features of iPhone 6S but in the pocket size 4-inch smartphone like iPhone 5S. It is likewise anticipated that Apple would launch 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

Anything that Apple do, surely there is always something big behind the scene. There must be a purpose of this event that has got so much attention. Anyhow, this will be clear on the said date, what will be the strategy of Apple to get the highest market shares.


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