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Meizu MX4 Pro to be launched on October 20 for $293 approx

Meizu MX 4 is already available in certain markets with a powerful energy source. Although it is in the market but it seems the manufacturer is still busy in improving it and wants to add something more. Rumors are there in the media that Meizu MX4 is not the final version of the device and Meizu is developing an additional version of MX4 that is MX4 Pro. The information so far available is quite impressive and tells us about good configuration of the device. It has Quad HD display, octa-core Samsung Exynos chipset, 3GB of RAM, probably a fingerprint scanner, 20MP rear camera/13MP front-facing camera and maybe more. Despite the powerful configuration it will not rule the market with monopolistic features. HTC Desire Eye is there to give it a tough competition. The challenging handset is powered with Ubuntu Touch software carrying mythical reputation. Therefore Meizu MX 4 is not going to rule the market.   


It appears from the rumors and some leaks that Meizu is working hard to prepare and test another version of the same device. It is believed that the device would be running Aliyun OS (YunOS for short) the indigenous software prepared by Alibaba that is a giant in the e-commerce field. This has been known through a leak where in a logo is seen clearly and gives a clear hit about the operating system inside the device. It is YunOS 3.0, a Linux-based platform that incorporates the Android runtime which is quite close to two operating systems, Android and Ubuntu Touch. This is also a rumor that Alibaba and Meizu combined will be holding an event on 20th October and the main feature of this event would be official announcement YunOS-running Meizu MX4. It is also expected the MX4 Pro will be carrying a price tag of around $293.

Well the operating system YunOS is not really a unique and something very mysterious as Meizu declared it to be previously. Meizu is well known for its bold steps in experimenting with hardware and software in complete range and would do anything to find out more. Going along with the same reputation we believe Meizu has already carried out research on various chipsets like Snapdragon, Exynos, Tegra, MediaTek. It is also tested many platforms for the different operating systems like CyanogenMod Android build, Ubuntu Touch, YunOS, and its home-made Android firmware, FlymeOS. It is yet not known where Meizu would land up in final combination of SoC and OS.

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