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Mi Band 2 Supports OLED Display with Improved Battery

Last week Chinese company Xiaomi announced a novel version of its Mi Band fitness tracker. The band comes with improved battery and highly efficient OLED display; it extends time between charges to about 20 days.

Its third tracker by Xiaomi, Mi Band, and Mi Band Pulse have already worked good, the new version Mi Band 2 is improved and efficient than the previous ones. The band is priced at $23 and the base version Mi Band is available for $14, the 77 percent price increase gives superlative quality as well. The band is quite affordable and it doesn’t seem expensive as compare to other fitness bands from Fitbit.

Xiaomi says that the band will be launched on June 7. Its predecessor took 6 months to arrive in North America so US citizens don’t expect to see the band in their market soon. Two years ago when Xiaomi launched Mi Band, it sold over 20 million trackers. The Mi Band 2 functions just like Fitbit such as monitors heart rate, and tracks steps on its small display.

For more accurate step counting Mi Band 2’s pedometer algorithm is also enhanced. You can also activate the vibration feature, which hark back the wearer of the need to move around all through the day. The band uses Bluetooth 4.0 which allows users to connect their smartphone for unlocking it, just move the band close to your device to unlock it.

Users can also customize the screen of their band; if you want to tailor heart rate readout you can do it by touching the capacitive button on the display or lifting your wrist. The new band will alert you via vibration when you will receive an SMS, call or any other app notification; it’s water resistant as well.

After Fitbit, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is most admired fitness tracking bands. The Fitbit holds 34.6% market globally, but if Xiaomi successfully solves US supply chain barriers, it would be able to capture more market share due to its quality band at low prices.