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Mi3S New Member Of Xiaomi Family Compact And Cheaper Than The Others

Before this Xiaomi introduced Redmi series and now is the turn of a Xiaomis new flagship its Xiaomi Mi3S.

This is the other member of Mi3 family which is launched in past year. We still don’t have the firm confirmation when the handset going to reveal and hit the market. We have some confirm specifications of this new member Xiaomi.

The handset Mi3S has round edges which are different the older Mi3. This smartphone has a Quad-Core Qual Com Snapdragon 801 powered processor which is 2.5 GHz. The handset run the latest version of Android which is Android 4.4.2 KITKAT with Xiaomis own MIUI which is customized and easy in used the handset also has a 3GB of RAM and 16 GB of built-in memory but we don’t now the handset has a external memory card slot  to extend the external memory we have a general idea that the handset has a 5 inches display and the  13 Mega pixel camera stated in the back of the handset .

Xiaomi newly launched a a appropriate website for this handset which has the information about the product which is going to hit the market soon expectedly the website promote the product all over the world. The last but not the least this is the price this is the main issue for the users.

Users always want the facilities in the economical price without any doubt the handset has the brilliant features and working abilities and surprisingly the set available in only 320 USD which is not so expensive and cheaper rather than the other handsets which is launched by other manufacturers with the same features and the same working abilities.