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Microsoft indicates another Anti-Carrier Shift in Wireless


Microsoft seems to add another product line in its portfolio. The company will offer its own SIM card which is indication of a gradual power shift in the world of wireless. Microsoft hits to be another Anti-Carrier in the wireless technology.


All of us are well aware of SIM and its usage so let’s move on the main news.  According to The Verge, In Windows App store, Microsoft added a “Cellular Data” app. The app permits users to connect to a reliable countrywide mobile data network. As per the app’s explanation, it needs a “Microsoft SIM” to connect wide mobile data network, but Microsoft hasn’t commented on it yet.

From few past years, the power in mobile has taken away from network operators like AT&T and Verizon and it headed to device manufacturer like Google and Apple. Most prominently, in this process the power is shifting into the hands of consumers.

In the USA, for using a cellular network, users typically need a SIM card from major operators and sign a contract that locked the user into a particular network at least for two years. Carriers will sponsor mobile purchases for locking a user in.  Although, minor carriers such as T-Mobile are offering access without extensive contacts. Most significantly, device makers like Google and Apple are developing the software and hardware that the world really needs. The both companies are also making those devices that will free users from single carrier. Upon the consumers appreciation, the carrier cannot avoid Google or Apple.

Thanks to Google and Apple, because you can buy a device directly from the device manufacturer with an installment plan. Whilst, Google and Apple have started to offer SIM cards that allow users to move between carriers easily.  Apple provides a SIM with its iPad Tablet which permits the user to test and choose from a list of carriers and also switch between them.

With Project Fi, Google has jumped a step further and it offers a SIM that let user automatically move between different networks. You can also choose a network that gives you the best services at cheap or reasonable rates.

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