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Microsoft is busy in the production of Surface Mini, reveals in the end of July

Before this we heard the news that the Microsoft stopped the production of Mini version of Surface, but where is the Microsoft busy now days? We have information that the company is busy in the making of the mini version of surface and it is expected that the slate will hit the market somewhere in August.

There are lots of news afloat on the internet some are the rumors and some of them are true, but still we did not have any confirmation from the officials of Microsoft. The mini version of the surface did not take official place in the conference held in April. During the conference Microsoft only publicized full size tablets. Surface Pro 3 12 inch tablet takes the official place during the Microsoft conference, but there was no word come from the company for the mini version, but we found the clues very clearly pointing out that the mini version is under production.

In the light of rumors we see Surface mini has a 7.5-inch display and comes with a stylus style. The company has a plan to introduce the slate somewhere in August. It is expected that we catch more information before the slate comes in the markets.