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Microsoft Lumia 1030 has aluminum body with sleek look and powerful camera

Nokia Lumia 1020 has been successful smartphone in the market because of its powerful camera and has been known as camera phone. Perusing the success of Lumia 1020 Microsoft is doing a step forward by making Lumia 1030 with even more powerful camera going up to 50 mega pixel Pure View camera.


Presently its only a rumor but with the development of PureView technology we can expect it in the upcoming Lumia 1030 and maybe in other subsequent devices. The 3D design pictures have also been drawn and shown on the media highlighting Microsoft Lumia 1030. These 3D model pictures show this camera phone made of metal body with only one plastic strip at the bottom for better signal strength. It is likely to have curved screen up to 2.5 degree following the shape of latest Microsoft devices.

Although it is a rumor that Lumia 1030 will have 50 mega pixel camera we can assume to support this big size camera Snapdragon 810 chipset will be placed inside to support high resolution of this powerful camera. If you look at the pictures you can form a fair good idea of the upcoming smartphone.