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Microsoft planning to launch Surface Mini And Surface Pro 3 shortly

Microsoft is preparing to launch two tablets, Surface Mini and Surface Pro 3 in a press conference to be held on May 20 in New York. It is not only these two devices; some other Surface tablet devices will also be announced, whereas launching date is yet not confirmed.

Some reliable source has declared the press conference news. It is worth noting that Qualcomm processor will be a major component in Microsoft Surface Mini and the same processors are used by Samsung while both are rivals in the market.

The source also reported that Microsoft will be using Intel processor in the Surface tablet, silently alluding to 'Surface Pro 3, which has not been clearly named by the Microsoft. Well we can draw another inference from this development that Microsoft is not going to do business with Nividia, the producer of processors for original Surface series tablets.


Microsoft released its first tablet a couple of years back. Incidentally, it could not compete effectively with other tablets in the market offered by Apple; Apple's iPad and iPad mini tablet devices proved to be more popular and better devices. The strong rivals, Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon have already won the competition with Microsoft that could not make enough money. Microsoft ‘Surface’ tablets are not the only ones to appear in the market but Amazon Kindle, Samsung Galaxy Tab series and Google Nexus 7 will also be there in the market to give a tough time to Microsoft. Probably this all will happen in the end of third quarter this year.