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Microsoft's CMO hints Development of Advanced Surface Phone

Last week in an interview, Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela leaked some insights of the company’s effort. He hinted that the company is working on a high-end smartphone, which is going to be a much rumored phone of the year. He also talked about Windows 10 smartphones and Windows 10 upgrade for those Desktop users who are currently working on Windows 7 or 8.



CFO hinted that the company is working on high end smartphones. He added that the Redmond based giant is working on a breakthrough that is going to be the spiritual equivalent in the Microsoft’s tablet line. He said that company needs some time to build the phone so interested users be patience.

Chris added that the company will use windows 10 in the phone and plans to attract young customers that easily adopt change and love to try latest technology. He also said that large update is a bit critical for Microsoft so PC users are getting Windows 10 updates. The company announced Windows 10 upgrade in October, 10 million users got upgraded in first 10 weeks of the launch.

While, Chris didn’t reveal anything about the device, but few sources reported that the device will come in mid 2016. It is also said that the phone will be powered by Intel processor, which is more powerful than Qualcomm’s all offerings. There is yet some time to see what Microsoft has reserved inside for users.


Capossela also added that the company is trying hard to push more users on Windows 10. On users PCs “Get Windows 10” dialogue box also appears to remind them about up gradation. The company declared that New Window 10 is more user friendly, better operating system, and has interesting features.  Actually, the main aim of the company is to put users at ease.