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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be launched in October along with Windows 10

Microsoft has a plan to release Microsoft Surface Pro 4 in October 2015 along with Windows 10. We already informed the users in our previous news that Microsoft is busy in preparing of modest version of Surface Pro device and the latest version called Surface Pro 4.

Previously we though that the device will be released earlier but now the new leaked generates that the latest version of Pro device will not be on the surface before October. Some users of Microsoft gets disappoint because they are expecting the have this new surface pro device version in June or July at the time of developer conference but actually the company schedule the launched of this new device in October along with the Windows 10 official release.

However the updates of windows 10 will available for the users who runs windows 8.1 at free of cost but the surface pro 4 in the first device come with windows 10 which will be pre installed. There are not certain information about the device is available but one thing is confirmed that the upcoming device will be available in two different sizes 12 inches and 14 inches and they both will offer 2K display option and equipped with 1TB of Storage.


It is also expected that the new surface pro 4 will be come with the stylus for the user’s convenience. There is no information that at what price Microsoft will offer the tablet but it will be sold at a slight high price than the previous models of Surface Pro.