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Midrange Microsoft Lumia 640 will be released in MWC 2015

Countdown begins for MWC 2015 and manufactures are in action and now passion is getting increased. Microsoft will release their fourth affordable Lumia 640 smartphone during the event.

Previously we shared some information that Microsoft has a plan to unveil some handsets during their official conference to be held in MWC 2015 but we have no idea what they are going to release there now a ray of light comes from the company which clears some doubts. Microsoft is going to release their budget friendly handset known as Lumia 640 having RM-1109 model number. One Brazilian telecommunication agency approved the handset yesterday and the same company gives the information about the mobile.

According to the Brazilian agency the Lumia 640 is the dual sim handset which supports digital TV, Wi-Fi and energized by 2500mAh battery. There is bit confusion still present about the operating system of the handset which might run Windows 10 and if not then the handset supports Windows Phone 8.1.


We have some other handsets from the company in the same Lumia line and after looking at them it is suggested that the new handset is the modest version of Nokia Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 which was revealed last year. There is no other information available regarding the handset by the company but the only disclosed and confirmed thing is that the Microsoft will announce the handset during their event in MWC and this is the fourth own branded handset of Microsoft after the successful launch of Lumia 532, Lumia 535 and Lumia 435. The price of the handset might also be announced in the event or maybe before we hear something about the price of the mobile from other resources. Well, in any condition we need to wait to know more about Lumia 640.